My Crazy White Wife is a Racist? Really?
"A Patriotic Look at Liberal Hypocrisy"

Author:    Anthony L. Thornton, Ph.D.
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My Crazy White Wife is a Racist? Really?
A Patriotic Look at Liberal Hypocrisy

Ant, a black male California Democrat, met Grasshopper, a white female Texas Republican, by serendipity on St. Patrick's Day in 2004. This meeting led to a contentious relationship where each began a quest to convince the other that he/she was wrong in his/her political views. What started as a friendly debate became an exchange of ideas on race, religion, politics, and economics. The volatility of their relationship required both to question their values and beliefs.  

Their spirited debates finally led to one fundamental question, "What is the proper role of government?" The grassroots rise of the Tea Party movement helped both Ant and Grasshopper to realize there is a higher purpose beyond the political parties. Questioning their own perceived values started a journey of discovery... this book tells their story, and in doing so, highlights the insanity of mainstream liberalism.

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