My Crazy White Wife is a Racist? Really?
"A Patriotic Look at Liberal Hypocrisy"

Author:    Anthony L. Thornton, Ph.D.

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"The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits." --- Thomas Jefferson

"The protection of individual rights is the only proper purpose of a Government, it is the only proper subject of legislation." --- Ayn Rand  

Excerpt from book entitled My Crazy White Wife is a Racist? Really? A Patriotic Look at Liberal Hypocrisy

As I was about to order another drink, the woman in the group who's back had been to us the entire time, turned around to face me and placed her hand on my knee and said "I just wanted to tell you that you are the cutest young thing."  My first thought was, okay today is St. Patty's day, how much has this woman had to drink already? Instead I answered, "Thanks, but I'm older than I look." She smiled, probably the best smile I had ever seen in my lifetime, and laughed and said " Oh honey, I'm not trying to pick you up. I'm married and I am old enough to be your mother."

I laughed and said, "I don't think so. How old are you?" She said in her slow Texas drawl, "Honey I'm 48 years old!" I smiled and said "I'm 47." Her face showed disbelief, "There is NO way you are 47 years old!" I laughed again and asked her if she was from Texas? "Hell yes!" she exclaimed with pride "and where are you from?" I said I was born in California. She smiled and flatly stated, "Oh, you are from the Socialist Republic of California." I stopped and said "What?" She continued, "You know, that's really a great state. It's too bad the liberals who live there have ruined it!"

I've known this woman for all of 2 seconds, and we are talking about politics. I thought to myself, this is going to be fun. I had found a political foe and what the heck, she was a friend to the raven-haired beauty who still hadn't noticed us. Game on!

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